Проверь себя. Ошибки в английском 2

Найдите выделенную часть предложения, которая содержит ошибку и дайте правильный ответ. Нажмите [Ответ] чтобы проверить себя.
1. It is sure that one day she will pass her examinations.

sure → clear (obvious)
2. I don’t think I have ever red one of his books.
red → read

3. Time spends very slowly when you are waiting for a bus to arrive.
spends → passes
4. When she was asked for her opinion on the course, she said it had been a waist of time.
waist → waste
5. What is the name of that picture which you look at on the wall?
look → are looking
6. The police want to find out whose drove the blue car into the shop window.
whose → who
7. The reason why he’s not feeling very well is simple — he’s ate too much as usual.
he’s ate → he’s eaten
8. Did you meet the lady who’s uncle works in the library?
who’s → whose

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